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Bisalloy Steel Group Limited(比萨劳伊钢铁集团公司)位于澳大利亚新南威尔士州卧龙岗市南部,成立于1980年,是澳大利亚国内唯一一家生产高强度调质钢板的企业。公司拥有近40年的生产经验,具备先进的生产技术,执行严格的产品标准;高品质的产品和一流的服务为公司赢得了享誉国际的知名度。BISPLATE系列高强度耐磨钢板和结构钢板居于行业领先地位,是国际上众多矿山和井下设备、工程机械、运输和起重设备、建筑机械、港口机械等行业指定用钢板品牌。作为澳大利亚调质钢产品专业生产及供应商,Bisalloy Steel Group Limited始终如一以提供世界顶端产品为宗旨,能够快速响应国际市场的变化,满足客户不断发展的需求。


Bisalloy Steels

Bisalloy Steels is Australia's only manufacturer of high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plate used for armour, structural and wear-resistant steel applications; products which are marketed under the brand name BISALLOY® and exported to a host of countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

Indeed, use of these trusted Bisalloy Steels’ products is so widespread that BISALLOY® has become the generic name for quenched and tempered performance steels in Australia and many countries across Asia.

From its base in Unanderra, south of Sydney in NSW, Bisalloy Steels manufactures these products through a highly efficient, continuous flow process and, since beginning operation in 1980, has earned an outstanding international reputation for the quality of its products and technical backup.

As a specialist performance steel manufacturer and supplier, Bisalloy Steels is highly responsive to customer demands and market changes anywhere in the world and is also strongly committed to, and clearly focused on, the crucial task of continuous product development and improvement.

Supplying manufacturers and end-users in a vast array of industries including mining, construction, general fabrication, pressure vessel and defence, Bisalloy Steels distributes its products via a network of distributors across Australia, directly to end users, through its businesses in Indonesia, Thailand and the People’s Republic of China, and through agents in at least a dozen countries worldwide.

Bisalloy Steel Group Limited

Bisalloy Steel Group comprises Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd in Australia, the majority-owned distribution businesses in Indonesia (PT Bima Bisalloy) and Thailand (Bisalloy Thailand) and, from July 2011, the investment in the Chinese CJV - Bisalloy Jigang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co. Ltd.

The Group is focused on leveraging off its significant Intellectual Property associated with the formulation of the raw material input ("green feed") and the quenched and tempered steel plate production processes.

While the primary value of this Intellectual Property has to date been delivered through the production of BISALLOY® quenched and tempered steel plate from Bisalloy Steels’ Unanderra production facility, the ability to replicate and build upon this Intellectual Property is now proven through the Joint Venture in China.

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